The success of Justa Ratibi (43) in the culinary business regardless of the role of the Grand New Toyota Veloz. According to the woman that, Manado features in the latest model Avanza really help its business continuity, especially third-row seat that can be folded in a 50:50 so it can hold more items.

According to a mother with two children, because businesses that practiced it in the field of food, automatic trunk Grand New Veloz used to store boxes of food. With the support of the larger cabin space, Justa capable of carrying lots of stuff that supports its business activities.

"To the extent my luggage like keluasannya, let alone the third row seats can be folded 50:50, and higher so the stuff I could bring a lot more," said the woman who greeted familiar Nita to KompasOtomotif some time ago.

In addition to the breadth of the trunk, Nita was also admitted to the interior of the Grand New Avanza more elegant. Gray color combination makes the cabin feels more shady and comfortable. Display any clusternya meters is larger and easier to see when driving.

"When I have to deliver food to a place so more convenient. Veloz old model is actually comfortable, too, but the latest is very-very convenient. It's true that I feel I am not lying, "he said.

Despite not having a baby again, Nita confesses love with the Isofix car seat in the second row to tie a baby seat. If Toyota is proving very concentrated against the security of passengers, especially young children. "When a time go with a brother who still have a baby, so it's safer," he said.

Another feature that has a great function for Nita is the key, is already using technology Immobilizer. Because he must always shopping for the culinary business needs, then the existence of such technology was not worried when parking, for its protection is enough qualified.

"Now feel reassured if the car is left for a long shopping. Because the Immobilizer feature really helped me, "she said again.
Series S-Class is the highest variant for Mercedes Benz sedan. However, what would happen if a Mercedes Benz S-Class uses a gold-colored screen?

It has certainly made many people amazed. How does the highest caste, origin Germany sedan received preferential treatment from its owner by giving it a golden color that is known to be very high.

This time, a Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Brabus harga yamaha soul gt 125 blue core modification home studies results found milling about on the streets of London some time ago. This car comes just over two weeks after formally introduced the Brabus S63 AMG.

As reported by Monday (27/12/2014), sport sedan featured license plates which came from Saudi Arabia. Most likely, the car was owned by a millionaire from Saudi Arabia who were pelesiran to the United Kingdom.

In addition to the colour that is so striking, S 63 AMG Brabus plots have wider body dimensions and use carbon-fiber elements in some parts of the body. S63 AMG interior side belong to this Arab business owners cannot escape using white gold accents.

Behind the kapnya, S63 AMG V8 engine, this brings the capacity of 5.5 liter twin turbo. In the hands of the Brabus, AMG S63 power output was increased from originally is large enough that only 585 horse power (HP) to 850 HP.

This sport sedan was able to accelerate from stop conditions up to speeds of 100 km/h in 4,4 seconds. For maximum speed, Brabus makes the S63 AMG is capable of running up to speeds of over 250 km/h.
Esemka car manufacturer, PT Manufacturing Solo creations, intent on making taxis and city car. A spokesman for Esemka, Wait the favor, say the middle of designing a prototype or model of taxi and city car to be made.

To make the prototype city car and taxi, automotive manufacturers have partnered with Esemka origin of China, South Korea, and Viet Nam. Wait said this had to be harga honda vario 150 esp done because there are no domestic producers who are interested in working with Esemka. "Foreigners are also seeing this same work in their favor," he said.

Even so, Wait said retaining the Esemka as a national product. Although working with foreigners, a maximum of 50 per cent portion is big. "Including for financial gain and the other, a maximum of 50 percent. We also want technology transfer, "he said.

In addition to taxis and city car, Wait says Esemka remains producing sport utility vehicle (SUV) Eagle and Bima. These two products will be enriched with a series of innovations. ' Hawks and Bhima accepted the obvious market. "
Many of the streets in the world who got the predicate as a death or the most dangerous roads in places such as Nepal, Bolivia and in Norway. But one of the roads with a length of 8.3 km in Norway is also a nickname as the most dangerous and most beautiful way.

Atlantic Ocean Road or Atlantic Road is the name of the road that got two nicknames that sounds the opposite each other, the most beautiful but also the most dangerous.

Built from July 1989 until today, prompting a street that seemed to break through the seas is still standing. The contours of the road dominated by flat twists but occasionally harga yamaha byson fi di indonesia climbs with panoramic sea views this makes it got one of the most beautiful honorific, according to ' The Guardian ' newspaper-United Kingdom.

While the title of most dangerous roads appeared due to the position of the road which runs in the middle of the sea waters laden with wind gusts buffeting the water waves, powerful and some of the contours of the road uphill with sufficient slope extremes.

Line which is the national road connecting the East with the West mainland coast of North Norway lately has been cited as one of the world's tourist destinations that are worth visiting. How dare, enjoy the beauty of the battle along with the adrenaline flow?
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