After briefly won't give definitive answer to the question KompasOtomotif forgery case related emissions on diesel engines in the United States, VW finally Indonesia official answer alerts you.

The following issues arose because the discovery software (software) that could change the results of the emission data for diesel harga honda vario 125 esp cbs iss vehicles in California, USA. This effort is illegal and make a big problem because VW tripping is considered cheating consumers and the u.s. Government.

"After checking the data, that the machine type type EA 189 diesel be that problem, not included in the line up our car market in Indonesia," wrote party PT Garuda Mataram Motor as the sole agent for the holder of the brand (ATPM) VW in Indonesia, Saturday (3/10/2015).

ATPM party also stated, almost all models marketed gasoline-engined VW in Indonesia. Only two models of diesel-engined available, namely the Caravelle and Touareg. Both models also claimed not to use the engine type that are considered problematic.

"Nevertheless, we continue to work intensively with VW-AG (principal), in order to get more information," wrote VW Indonesia again.

Although there is a rolling, the following VW also convey Indonesia there hasn't been a concern of the models marketed in Indonesia. All vehicles are sold on the consumer in the country claimed to be safe and be eligible to use. There has been no action in the form of sales and service calls still continue to roll as normal.

"We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for such great attention," wrote VW Indonesia, shut down its official statement pieces.
Valentino Rossi does not really believe if seamless-shift gearbox capable of beating Honda RC213V Yamaha constantly aka suddenly. Even though it was loaded with SSG, Rossi says that he's pessimistic YZR-M1 was consistently able to bloat the prototype RC213V on this season. That is why most recently Rossi urges immediate upgrade for Yamaha YZR-M1.

At Brno this weekend, Rossi revealed that seamless-shift gearbox recently from Yamaha will not fully fix some problems that rested on the YZR-M1 race this time. An indication there was a problem, could it be the engine problem?

Clearly one of the existing dipikiran Rossi's M1 machine allocation of rations that are leaving only a new engine for the upcoming series of harga honda cb150r 2016 eight (5 engine/season), while there is still a three hundred year old engine performance would have been declining and one engine fails. The complete upgrade package M1 was certainly not only takes one to two weeks but it took a long time because testing everything, especially MotoGP schedule lately so a budget in a span of 3 weeks.

"Try seamless-shift gearbox is very important in order to become faster, especially in racing. But, that alone is not enough and we also have to fix the motor because we had some other problems compared to Honda, which makes our difficulty in catch-up. There are two or three detils and SSG is one of the detils and we had to continue to improve the M1 ", said Rossi told MCN.

As Lorenzo's request to know sampeyan Yamaha about gearbox new seamless granted lately and considerable success is tested at Brno, when Rossi was already back to Yamaha this year. Fresh gearbox is indeed not ready to race, let alone in Brno this weekend.

Both the Yamaha and Rossi both bully Lorenzo just lifted her shoulders when asked if they had other ideas when it is ready to use a new gearbox for the race. Indirectly, they hinted no longer know what to do after gearbox recently applied to M1 machine, given the circumstances and the current situation in the Yamaha paddock.

Seamless-shift gearbox capable of offering an advantage instead of a single lap, but in a few laps (over 15 laps). Gearshift becomes more smooth and regular, the motor feels more comfortable and minimize accelerated fruitless round the corner which led to the rear of the motor shake.

Yamaha might have realized this problem will now revert same Rossi slightly familiar with similar transmission system-made Ducati Ducati also known as Seamless Transmission (DST).

Honda has been using this seamless transmission system since early 2011 ago when Stoner comes to Repsol Honda. Lagging almost two years, Rossi and Lorenzo have recently said SSG Yamaha improves the stability of the gearshift and offers convenience with faster acceleration and very consistent during the race takes place (full race).
The Yamaha rider duo bringah instead of main, because the YZR-M1 will use seamless-shift gearbox in Misano race this weekend. Yamaha did Miss almost three years of both his rival either Honda or Ducati in developing this kind of gearbox. Lorenzo was already suffering from bee stings exposed RCV since 2011 administrations, so doi senengnya not playing when girboksnya is ready.

SSG is not the kind of "NOS" that makes the motor first time gas lever ngacir withdrawn, but there's a hidden secret there that makes rider-rider Honda in harga honda vario 110 terbaru hardiness to the lap-lap final. The bottom line becomes more stable due to the displacement of his teeth more subtle, it's one of the great benefits other benefits, can refer to the previous article on residence, can be read here.

"This will be the Gearbox is here tomorrow. When we tried it out in Brno I smile because it does not feel a decrease in performance when performing a gearshift. Like you are using an automatic transmission. Perhaps the point where you can feel the benefits most when raising the teeth in the tanjakkan sector. Normally the motor will shake when you do this, but not with seamless, "said Lorenzo at Misano yesterday.

Somehow, this strategy be scenario since the start of the Yamaha season or just sheer desperate strategies in order to catch-up points duo Yamaha factory rider-rider of Honda's steady lead the standings while 1-2. Previously, Yamaha dirumorkan using this gearbox in just three race later, given the risk of damage to the machine may occur, he said.

However, seamless-shift gearbox is one of the must-have devices to counter the dominance of Honda Yamaha, both from Japan so duelnya on the track may not use bulldozers or tanks. :D However, Rossi was a bit pessimistic that not enough only SSG course, should continue to develop the Yamaha YZR-M1 because there are many sectors of weakness of the M1 rather than RC213V. It said Rossi, not my father. :D

"We are very pleased. Sure it's important bro, especially here in Misano, in which you will use more role of the gearbox. We hope this will be a great advantage for us when trying to compete against the Honda. This is more on refinement just when racing, instead of lap time. SSG will give us a half-second per lap, but it was a big relief when the race takes place, menggeber the motor to lmit without any mistakes, "said Om Rossi will race again this weekend dikandangnya.

Reserved design gearbox, Yamaha reportedly make its own draft to take years, it is clear than it got copyright infringement or copyrights patents his Honda SSG. A few months after the introduction of seamless-shift gearbox Honda, Ducati begin designing their own version of the SSG did not take long for those fateful outcome but never competitive, too, when Rossi was still defending it.

This gearbox is completely new for us, a system designed for the Yamaha. Brno after the test, we think need to do some repair prior to use in the race. You always face the risk, but we want to further refine it until now ", ceplos Lin Jarvis as managing director of Yamaha Factory Racing.

Jarvis added that in applying this SSG Yamaha will not wait for trial sessions held Mondays this desperate, aka upcoming because his Yamaha must catch-up points from Honda. Any device be used Yamaha (if available) to fight against Honda in six races, because of the emergency situation, according to Mr. Jarvis Sukoco.

"If it's ready to use the tests on Monday, would also be ready for this weekend. There are points of Honda failed to sob and we need to use whatever is there to challenge them in the last six races, "added Jarvis. So, as the audience we wait result, a matter of competitive or not that God only knows. Don't make your HEART "controversy" rather than taxable "COUP".
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