Although only facelift compared to the old, big PCX skutik this Honda still remain comfortable to drive in urban areas even more comfortable with the new feature

Jakarta-elegant luxurious Aura, directly visible when first looking at Honda's All New PCX150. Honda skutik this big baseball only demand by visit website consumers in Asia, but also penetrated up to American and European markets.

With the tester's height 175 cm, approximately makes sitting on the seats All New PCX150 enggak encountered constraints mean. "It's a little hard, but joknya still make comfortable design driver," says tester

The indicator panel are there in baseball make a confused aka spidometer read clearly. Want to open a seat? Living just hit the button right beside the contact key features

"Make sure the key under the conditions off before pressing the release button upholstery. If the upper side button is pressed, then open the cover of the fuel filler hole. Fairly easy to operate, "said Mr.

High handlebars that are so typical of All New PCX150 plus the appropriate seat, distance makes the rider can sit back while conquering the streets of the capital were jammed. With a comfortable driving position, obviously impacted on motor pengusaan on the streets that are being padat-padatnya.

Baseball needs to feel free when having to drive at night with PCX150. Headlamp already embraced LEDs, lighting capable of delivering 80% lighter than a regular light model.Melipir a traffic density of bias occurs in the afternoon, when the Home Office. The all New PCX150 are invited to penetrate the road rats are indeed so bored with the current congestion solutions. Aka bump speed trap and a few Kinky road, kuntur so commonplace view Street rat.

The suspension, which can be convenient for setingannya boncengan upholstery and slightly hard, making the rider extra carefully kudu bulldoze all the contours of the road.

"With the speed being only, when the game was speed trap or curly streets, butt rider a little bounce of the upholstery," says Mr.
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