Business Smoothly Thanks To The Grand New Veloz

The success of Justa Ratibi (43) in the culinary business regardless of the role of the Grand New Toyota Veloz. According to the woman that, Manado features in the latest model Avanza really help its business continuity, especially third-row seat that can be folded in a 50:50 so it can hold more items.

According to a mother with two children, because businesses that practiced it in the field of food, automatic trunk Grand New Veloz used to store boxes of food. With the support of the larger cabin space, Justa capable of carrying lots of stuff that supports its business activities.

"To the extent my luggage like keluasannya, let alone the third row seats can be folded 50:50, and higher so the stuff I could bring a lot more," said the woman who greeted familiar Nita to KompasOtomotif some time ago.

In addition to the breadth of the trunk, Nita was also admitted to the interior of the Grand New Avanza more elegant. Gray color combination makes the cabin feels more shady and comfortable. Display any clusternya meters is larger and easier to see when driving.

"When I have to deliver food to a place so more convenient. Veloz old model is actually comfortable, too, but the latest is very-very convenient. It's true that I feel I am not lying, "he said.

Despite not having a baby again, Nita confesses love with the Isofix car seat in the second row to tie a baby seat. If Toyota is proving very concentrated against the security of passengers, especially young children. "When a time go with a brother who still have a baby, so it's safer," he said.

Another feature that has a great function for Nita is the key, is already using technology Immobilizer. Because he must always shopping for the culinary business needs, then the existence of such technology was not worried when parking, for its protection is enough qualified.

"Now feel reassured if the car is left for a long shopping. Because the Immobilizer feature really helped me, "she said again.

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