Although wild in the streets, This motorcycle gang ' Not So ' Ditilang!

Case of motorcycle gang that's been lightly in the way of behaving is not new anymore. Not only in Indonesia alone, in other parts of the world such as America and Europe created a fuss by their manner of harm and to make fitful.

In the video below for example. A bunch of bikers appear to meet the road without full protective clothing to go around doing dangerous stunts in the link speed of action that cannot be considered low.

In the middle of the pleasure, siren sound of a motorcycle COP who initially attempted to stop the hordes of a troubling thing. But whether by reason of what is, not long ago the police ever undo his intention.

Why not ditilang this bike gang or else arrested? Is it because the police outnumbered or other things? This case had occurred in Indonesia would like what would it be?

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