This is the most beautiful And most dangerous Roads in the world

Many of the streets in the world who got the predicate as a death or the most dangerous roads in places such as Nepal, Bolivia and in Norway. But one of the roads with a length of 8.3 km in Norway is also a nickname as the most dangerous and most beautiful way.

Atlantic Ocean Road or Atlantic Road is the name of the road that got two nicknames that sounds the opposite each other, the most beautiful but also the most dangerous.

Built from July 1989 until today, prompting a street that seemed to break through the seas is still standing. The contours of the road dominated by flat twists but occasionally harga yamaha byson fi di indonesia climbs with panoramic sea views this makes it got one of the most beautiful honorific, according to ' The Guardian ' newspaper-United Kingdom.

While the title of most dangerous roads appeared due to the position of the road which runs in the middle of the sea waters laden with wind gusts buffeting the water waves, powerful and some of the contours of the road uphill with sufficient slope extremes.

Line which is the national road connecting the East with the West mainland coast of North Norway lately has been cited as one of the world's tourist destinations that are worth visiting. How dare, enjoy the beauty of the battle along with the adrenaline flow?

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