Create Model cab, Articulated Esemka China and Korea

Esemka car manufacturer, PT Manufacturing Solo creations, intent on making taxis and city car. A spokesman for Esemka, Wait the favor, say the middle of designing a prototype or model of taxi and city car to be made.

To make the prototype city car and taxi, automotive manufacturers have partnered with Esemka origin of China, South Korea, and Viet Nam. Wait said this had to be harga honda vario 150 esp done because there are no domestic producers who are interested in working with Esemka. "Foreigners are also seeing this same work in their favor," he said.

Even so, Wait said retaining the Esemka as a national product. Although working with foreigners, a maximum of 50 per cent portion is big. "Including for financial gain and the other, a maximum of 50 percent. We also want technology transfer, "he said.

In addition to taxis and city car, Wait says Esemka remains producing sport utility vehicle (SUV) Eagle and Bima. These two products will be enriched with a series of innovations. ' Hawks and Bhima accepted the obvious market. "

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