Rossi: SSG Alone is not enough to Defeat the Honda, Yamaha have to upgrade M1

Valentino Rossi does not really believe if seamless-shift gearbox capable of beating Honda RC213V Yamaha constantly aka suddenly. Even though it was loaded with SSG, Rossi says that he's pessimistic YZR-M1 was consistently able to bloat the prototype RC213V on this season. That is why most recently Rossi urges immediate upgrade for Yamaha YZR-M1.

At Brno this weekend, Rossi revealed that seamless-shift gearbox recently from Yamaha will not fully fix some problems that rested on the YZR-M1 race this time. An indication there was a problem, could it be the engine problem?

Clearly one of the existing dipikiran Rossi's M1 machine allocation of rations that are leaving only a new engine for the upcoming series of harga honda cb150r 2016 eight (5 engine/season), while there is still a three hundred year old engine performance would have been declining and one engine fails. The complete upgrade package M1 was certainly not only takes one to two weeks but it took a long time because testing everything, especially MotoGP schedule lately so a budget in a span of 3 weeks.

"Try seamless-shift gearbox is very important in order to become faster, especially in racing. But, that alone is not enough and we also have to fix the motor because we had some other problems compared to Honda, which makes our difficulty in catch-up. There are two or three detils and SSG is one of the detils and we had to continue to improve the M1 ", said Rossi told MCN.

As Lorenzo's request to know sampeyan Yamaha about gearbox new seamless granted lately and considerable success is tested at Brno, when Rossi was already back to Yamaha this year. Fresh gearbox is indeed not ready to race, let alone in Brno this weekend.

Both the Yamaha and Rossi both bully Lorenzo just lifted her shoulders when asked if they had other ideas when it is ready to use a new gearbox for the race. Indirectly, they hinted no longer know what to do after gearbox recently applied to M1 machine, given the circumstances and the current situation in the Yamaha paddock.

Seamless-shift gearbox capable of offering an advantage instead of a single lap, but in a few laps (over 15 laps). Gearshift becomes more smooth and regular, the motor feels more comfortable and minimize accelerated fruitless round the corner which led to the rear of the motor shake.

Yamaha might have realized this problem will now revert same Rossi slightly familiar with similar transmission system-made Ducati Ducati also known as Seamless Transmission (DST).

Honda has been using this seamless transmission system since early 2011 ago when Stoner comes to Repsol Honda. Lagging almost two years, Rossi and Lorenzo have recently said SSG Yamaha improves the stability of the gearshift and offers convenience with faster acceleration and very consistent during the race takes place (full race).

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